For straight and radial edges

Ideal for machine, railroad car, and ship construction and sheet metal processing shops.

Straight or Radial Edges

Falling under our range of different power tools, there is no need for rework. Operators can enjoy a diverse range of applications from weld seam application, through to chamfering, rounding or deburring of end edges. Enjoy consistently good edges and high quality finishes for superior workmanship. Processing is fast and without oxide, allowing subsequent coatings and processing with ease.

This powertool is ready for operation quickly! You can set the chamfer height swiftly and without any tools.

The TRUMPF deburring power tool range includes: TruTool TKA 700 (1A1) with integrated 45° tool, TruTool TKA 700 (1A1) without tool, TruTool TKA 1500 (1A1) with integrated 45° tool, TruTool TKA 1500 (1A1) without tool.

The remaining models can be viewed on TRUMPF’s website.

TRUMPF Power Tool Deburrers

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