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Our Vision is to help our clients become more successful through innovation, thought leadership, leading software and machinery technology. We have been around for a long time, since 1949. We have caring family values and are embracing the future with IoT, Industry 4.0, Automation and Additive Manufacturing. We believe that smart factories where people, machines, automation, and software perfectly interact together in a networked production, will become common place.

Case Studies

Science Fiction to Science Fact: Opie Group embrace IoT, streamlining processes

Opie Manufacturing

Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Makino Machining Centers Support RUAG Australia in Remaining Globally Competitive



Monash Uni invest in new 3D printing technology to develop alternative teaching aids 

Monash University

Tertiary Education
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The Importance of Deburring Methods

What is deburring? And why are deburring methods important? Of course, accuracy is essential in manufacturing. Reliable machines with specific components can generate accuracy every single time. Let’s define and explore deburring. High-quality finishes are your goal. So it’s important to remove burrs and generate smooth edges. Parts without burrs or pointy edges means safer… View Article

Access The Power of Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance strategies can assist you to determine the condition of in-service equipment. This can help you estimate when to conduct maintenance. This can save you money when compared to regular preventative maintenance. This is because you perform tasks only when there is a reason to. It is also called condition-based maintenance. You receive maintenance… View Article

How Precision is Possible With Waterjet Machines

The major advantage of abrasive waterjet machines is cutting complex geometries in different materials. The software with the machine contributes to waterjet utility and cost control. Waterjet machines often use G code. Yet they exhibit special physics and geometric considerations traditional cutting can’t handle. Several waterjet builders have moved to more integrated controllers. This is… View Article

Lead the Field in Additive Manufacturing Research

SPEE3D: for Your University and Research Centre Do you work in additive manufacturing research in Australia? You can lead your field into the future of manufacturing. Australian company, SPEE3D, has changed the future of manufacturing globally. Access this technology to lead the field in Additive Manufacturing research. Do you want to: Expand the scope of… View Article

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