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Internationally renowned for its high-performance injection moulding machines and system solutions is the venerable Swiss company Netstal.
Case Study

World’s first record cap production with 128 caps in 1.9 seconds with Netstal’s injection moulding technology


At this year’s NPE (Plastic Show in Orlando, Florida), Netstal showcased a groundbreaking production system capable of moulding 128 caps in a mere 1.9 seconds. Developed in partnership with US manufacturer Alltrista Plastics LLC, who specialises in high-volume precision plastics manufacturing for pharmaceutical, consumer health, and industrial applications. They offer a variety of solutions, including high-quality medicine bottles and certified child-resistant caps in the plastics industry this pioneering system represents a significant leap forward for the plastics industry. 

Alltrista set up to produce 3.1 billion closures per year

The heart of this system is Netstal’s CAP-Line solution, a preconfigured injection moulding machine optimised for closure applications. The exhibited model featured a 4500 kN clamping force and utilises Netstal’s high-performance Elios platform. Its all-electric clamping unit boasts a blistering 1.4-second dry cycle time, enabling sub-2-second overall cycle times. Pre-configuration streamlines consultation and quotation, speeding deliveries. This system runs a 128-cavity mould from z-moulds producing 26mm tamper-evident water bottle caps. Incredibly, despite its high cavity count, the z-moulds tooling is as compact as a 96-cavity mould, reducing moving mass for faster cycles. Its ingenious design allows fitting into machines with tighter column spacing.  

But raw speed isn’t the only advantage. Thanks to an optimised barrier screw design, a smaller injection unit can be employed, improving plasticising performance and material homogenisation. Customisation options like Smart Operation controls and adaptive system pressure reduction allow further energy savings. 

Alltrista is the first to produce 128 cavities in 1.9-second cycles. Operating with two lines, they’ll produce over 3.1 billion closures per year – an unmatched output density. 

Netstal CAP-Line: A Game-changing solution for plastics closure manufacturers 

Occupied in just 50 square meters of floor space, this ultra-productive system represents a new benchmark in factory footprint efficiency for plastics closure manufacturers. This innovation promises to revolutionise high-volume beverage packaging operations. 

Horst Kogler, Head of Business Unit Caps and Closures at Netstal, says:  

“With the new CAP-Line concept, we are aligning our portfolio even more closely with our customers’ applications. Closure manufacturers benefit from a customised system, while pre-configuration can speed up the consultation and quotation process so that delivery times for the machine are as short as possible.”  

Netstal’s CapWatcher Q-Line ensures flawless products at lightning speed  

Downstream, the finished caps pass through the equipment of system partner Intravis until they are filled into octabins. The central element is the CapWatcher Q-Line, which enables a comprehensive 360° full inspection of the closures. With accuracy in the hundredths of a millimetre range, the system checks up to 80 closures per second for more than 40 quality criteria. The cavity-related inspection is carried out with up to nine high-resolution cameras. Sophisticated and unique tests, such as the patented temperature measurement and the non-contact micro-hole inspection, lead to complete quality assurance of closure production. 

The high level of performance gives the user the certainty that the closures are flawless immediately after production and that only good parts find their way to the customer.  

Do you want to enhance your bottle cap and closure production while ensuring your beverage brand maintains the highest quality and meets sustainability objectives? 

Embrace the future of plastics manufacturing and take the first step towards revolutionising your brand’s cap production. Our team of experts is dedicated to elevating your production efficiency and aligning with your sustainability objectives.  


NETSTAL Beverage Industry

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