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Netstal’s PET preform production: Advancing with side removal technology
Internationally renowned for its high-performance injection moulding machines and system solutions is the venerable Swiss company Netstal.
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Netstal’s PET preform production: Advancing with side removal technology


PET preform production is a critical process in the packaging industry, where tube-like plastic forms are moulded as precursors to bottles and containers. Traditional methods relied on top removal systems, but advancing with side removal has marked a significant leap forward. This innovative approach, where finished preforms are ejected from the side of the machine rather than the top, offers faster cycle times, reduced machine footprint, improved energy efficiency, better integration with post-mould cooling, and enhanced handling of recycled PET. Netstal, a pioneer in this technology, has been at the forefront of this revolution, reshaping the landscape of PET preform manufacturing. 

Rapid market adoption of Netstal’s innovative PET-Line 

Since its introduction in September 2020, the innovative PET production line with side removal has gained significant traction in the market over the past three years. The system’s state-of-the-art preform capabilities have successfully attracted both existing and new customers, resulting in numerous installations worldwide. Building on this success, the series is now expanding with the introduction of the PET-Line 5000. 

Stefan Kleinfeld, PET Product Manager at Netstal, notes the dominance of the new side-entry PET Line in their assembly hall, with the top-entry predecessor model becoming increasingly rare. This shift reflects the industry’s preference for cutting-edge technology. Kleinfeld emphasises that higher productivity, reduced power consumption, superior processing of PET recyclates, and seamless compatibility with existing moulds and post-mould cooling stations have been pivotal in convincing customers. He expresses satisfaction with the current sales trajectory.  

Netstal’s video showcasing PET-Line: The most advanced preform system in the world

Extending the PET-Line series with 5000 kN clamping force 

The future of preform production is firmly anchored in the side-discharge PET-Line. To better address evolving market demands, the series is expanding. Complementing the existing 3000 kN and 4000 kN clamping force models, a new 5000 kN clamping force variant will commence production in late 2023. This model’s enhanced plasticising unit allows preform manufacturers to fill large moulds safely and precisely. 

Recognising diverse market requirements, customers can mix and match the three clamping force sizes with different units. Seven combinations are available, offering flexibility to suit various production needs. 

Are you in the plastics, packaging, or beverage industries, and are interested in technological advancements and sustainability initiatives?  

Unlock the full potential of your PET preform production – contact our Netstal expert Matthias to discover how side-removal technology can revolutionise your operations. Let’s shape the future of efficient, sustainable packaging together. 



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