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Laser Central – Flat Out in Flat Bed

26 November

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Laser Central Case Study

Headland interviews Managing Director of Laser Central, Rob Newton on their recent purchase of the TRUMPF 3030 laser machine.

Their new TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 and Trumatic L3050 laser cutting machines are working flat-out providing flat bed laser cutting for Laser Central’s customers.

“On our recent purchase of the TRUMPF 3030 laser machine, we looked at all the laser machines on the market, TRUMPF stood out as the true innovator. I always look for ways to improve productivity through automation and increased efficiencies and the 3030 certainly does that.

TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 at Laser Central

TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 at Laser Central

“With our new 3030 laser machine we love the touch screen and automatic nozzle changer the most as they save so much time; so these were some of the key drivers in our decision to go with TRUMPF.

“We use the TRUMPF machines to mainly cut aluminum and stainless, that’s what we find the TRUMPF’s best for.

“We have been in business for over 14 years and have become specialists in tube cutting, as well as folding and cutting. We moved to our present location in 2005 with four times the floor area for processing.

“Our growth has mainly come from our reputation for ability to listen to what our customers want, our response times and our vision to work closely with our customers and invest in the relationship for the long term.

“We provide 2D and 3D tubular laser cutting for lengths up to 12 metres and 300mm diameter (Australia’s largest), metal folding with two 135 tonne press brakes and flatbed laser cutting with four lasers processing up to 2.5 x 4m plates. Flatbed processing at maximum efficiency is where the TRUMPF laser machines come in to play.

Rob Newton, Laser Central and Richard Kloe, Headland Machinery

Rob Newton, Laser Central and Richard Kloe, Headland Machinery

“Our work produces parts ready for use, which means they are accurate, clean and require minimal preparation before put into production. Rather than preparing parts, our high quality work allows our customers to focus on higher value tasks and overall provide a bigger return to their businesses.”

For more information contact Rob Newton, Managing Director of Laser Central.

07 3375 6022

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