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Why a JFY Press Brake Machine Is Perfect For Your Small Manufacturing Business

24 October

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JFY are leaders in CNC press brake bending machines. With a low entry price, a JFY Press Brake Machine balances undeniable performance, quality, and reliability. 

Drive more revenue and increase profits, with a JFY Press Brake machine.

Accurate and repeatable bending means more accurate results for your customers. This results in a positive experience for your customers and great likelihood of repeat business.  Resulting in increased revenue and profits for your business! 

A JFY Press Brake machine increases efficiency while reducing costs.

The Quick Clamps or Hydraulic tool clamping ensures fast tool changes for faster changeover between jobs. You can easily and quickly move between various jobs and set-ups to ensure quick turn-around times for your customers. 

Deliver high-quality products on your JFY machine.

The Delem controller and up to 6 axis back-gauges are ideal for complex bending jobs. There are up to 400-tonne machines available. 

Ensure and enhance your employees’ safety during operation. 

The CE certification and laser safe bending system ensure safety of machine operation. Training provided post-purchase is provided to ensure safe operation of the machine and ongoing improvement in productivity and output.

The business case for owning a JFY bending machine.

JFY machines are cost-effective machines and will provide a positive return on investment in the first few years of ownership. Each business will have different return on investment timeframe which can be worked out on an individual basis. We have our finance team here ready to work this out for you.  

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