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Celebrating Headland Technology’s official WA office opening


As a leading provider of high-tech manufacturing solutions, we celebrated a significant milestone on March 20, 2024, with the official opening of our new office in Western Australia. The event marked a crucial step in our growth strategy and our commitment to better serve our customers in the region.

The opening ceremony was attended by Headland’s upper management, including Richard Kloe, Managing Director, Di Kloe, one of the company’s founders, and George Yammouni, CEO. Several existing customers were also invited to witness this momentous occasion, reflecting the company’s dedication to fostering strong customer relationships. During the event Richard Kloe said:

“We are thrilled to establish a local presence in Western Australia, this new office will allow us to provide our customers in the region with the highest level of service and support they deserve.”

The afternoon was filled with lively conversations, information exchange, and networking opportunities, as customers and Headland representatives engaged in discussions about the company’s innovative solutions and their potential impact on the local manufacturing industry.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, punctuated by the laughter and camaraderie shared over food and drinks, a clear message resonated: Headland Technology’s expansion into Western Australia represents a significant step toward the future, both for the region and for us as a company itself. George Yammouni, Headland Technology’s CEO  explains:

“At the heart of our business, we prioritise offering our customers reliable service. This includes maintaining a local stock of spare parts and consumables, ensuring rapid response times, and providing access to senior engineers who can swiftly resolve any issues that may arise.”

Initially, we started with a team of two service engineers in Western Australia, and now we are committed to expanding our local presence by hiring additional personnel to meet the increasing demand for our services. Our focus is to establish trust by providing high-quality, dependable, and sustainable solutions, which will solidify our reputation as a trusted partner in the manufacturing sector.

The opening event was a success, and the atmosphere was electric with anticipation for the future possibilities that Headland Technology’s expansion into Western Australia will bring.

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