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Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing in Australia and Impacts of COVID-19 

15 April

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Another key industry to be impacted by the COVID-19 is the agriculture industry, in this industry snapshot we are reviewing Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing in AustraliaWe have summarised the key definitions, stats, key players and manufacturing technology used within this industry. 


These companies primarily manufacture agricultural machinery, equipment and specialised parts. This machinery includes lawnmowers and planting and harvesting equipment. Firms that mainly repair agricultural equipment and machinery are excluded from the industry. 


More recent months in light of COVID-19, the Agriculture industry has seen an increase in local demand for products,  a reduction in import competition, due to difficulties in importing and receiving goods, as well as the decrease in value of the Australian dollar which ensures our product exports are more competitive. Prior to this, the industry has seen annual growth of -4.6%. Over the coming months, we’ll see a positive change on these stats highlighted below from the annual review of the industry from 2018-19. 

Key Stats 

Key Industry Players by Location 


Major Industry Players  

  • A.F Gason (market share of 1-2%). A.F. Gason Pty Ltd, founded in 1946, manufactures agricultural systems, provides industrial services and offers heating systems. The company is based in Ararat, VIC, and operates in the industry through agricultural machinery production. This machinery includes tillage equipment, planters, seeders, mowers, spreaders, slashers and other accessories, which A.F. Gason sells to the domestic market. Read more on A.F Gason.
  • Briggs and Stratton (market share of 1-2%). Briggs & Stratton Australia Pty Ltd is a foreign-owned company that manufactures lawnmowers, portable generators, pressure washers, water pumps and engines. The firm is a subsidiary of Briggs & Stratton Corporation, a global engine manufacturer based in the United States. Read more on Briggs and Stratton.

  • PFG Australia (market share of 1-2%)PFG Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the private New Zealand company Power Farming Wholesale Limited. PFG Australia operates in the industry through Howard Australia Pty Ltd, which was established in 1923 following the development of the first rotary hoe. Howard Australia is based in Derrimut, VIC, and manufactures a range of agricultural machinery and equipment. Read more on PFG Australia.

  • Silvan Australia (market share of 1-2%)Silvan Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1962 and is based in Dandenong South, Melbourne. The company manufactures a range of agricultural machinery for Australian and New Zealand farmers. It specialises in manufacturing crop protection sprayers.

  • Pellenc Australia (market share 0-1%)Pellenc Australia Pty Ltd is a private Australian company based in Regency Park, Adelaide. It is the Australian subsidiary of France-based Pellenc Group. Pellenc Australia participates in the industry through manufacturing and distributing a range of selfpropelled and tow-behind grape harvesters. Read more on Pellenc Australia.

Key Machine Technology Used within this Industry

Waterjet Machines – for machining one off parts and components as well as spare parts involved in the maintenance of machinery. 

3D Metal Printing – for machining one off parts and components as well as spare parts involved in the maintenance of machinery. 

Vertical Storage Systems – storage of large sheets of metal. 

Sheet Metal Machinery including; Laser Cutters, Press Brakes and Tube Benders.  

For information or advice on any of this technology, please contact us below.