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The Ultimate in Waterjet Cutting with OMAX | Precision, Speed, Accuracy.

Waterjet Cutting Solutions

Waterjet Solutions from OMAX and Maxiem for the ultimate in cutting. Omax waterjets provide speed, precision and accuracy. Waterjets are capable of cutting a multitude of materials including: composites, metals, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, glass, stone, concrete, ceramics, foam and rubber. Complement your existing manufacturing processes with an OMAX abrasive waterjet.

In many cases, OMAX and Maxiem waterjets can quickly and accurately complete final parts, ready to go, as well as semi-finished or near-net-shape blank part suitable for secondary processing by conventional means. Waterjets cut without heat, meaning no thermal distortion to complex and intricate parts.

GlobalMax – An affordable entry into waterjet cutting. The GlobalMax range ensures you will benefit from adding or complementing waterjet cutting to your processes. Do more work faster and enjoy the easy-to-use and fast to implement OMAX GlobalMax Software to turn your designs into reality.  Available in three models with various cutting envelopes X-Y; 1508 (800 mm x 1,525 mm) 1530 (3,050 mm x 1,530 mm) and 2040 (4,038 mm x 2,032 mm). Pumps: GlobalMax pumps feature proven pump technology that has 30% more nozzle power than other pump technology. With added power, you can produce more with less and save on production costs. The Omega Drive System is especially designed for the waterjet industry. Requiring no lubrication and with 180 degree engagement with the drive, every transition is smooth. Read more on GlobalMax.

Maxiem Abrasive Waterjets – The Maxiem is a great all-rounder machine with the ability to take you from prototyping to high capacity production. Materials: cut virtually any material and thickness. There are various models available with a range of cutting X-Y envelopes; from 1515 (1,575 mm x 1,575 mm), 1530 (3,048 mm x 1,575 mm) one of the most popular, 2030 (3,048 mm x 2,007 mm), 2040 (4,216 mm x 2,007 mm) and right up to 3060 (6,248 mm x 3,099 mm ).  Minimise Downtime: thanks to Intelli-VISOR SE System Monitoring, your machine will enable predictive monitoring of your machine, so you can pre-empt when it’s time for a service at a time that’s convenient to your business. Read more about Maxiem.

OMAX Abrasive Waterjets – The OMAX range is the largest and most powerful. This high precision waterjet cutting machine is the ultimate waterjet solution. Extremely robust in its design, this machine delivers tight tolerances for even the most intricate of pieces and leaves behind smooth finishes to minimise additional processing. Known as the green machine, this model does not produce any noxious fumes, liquids or oils. Natural garnet and water is used throughout the cutting process. Available in models from 2626 (737 mm x 660 mm), 2652 (1,321 mm x 660 mm), 555 (1,397 mm x 1,397 mm), 55100 (2,540 mm x 1,397 mm), 6120 (3,200 mm x 1,575 mm), right up to a 160X series (8,128 mm x 4,064 mm).  Read more on OMAX.

MicroMax – Is a jetmachining centre. This machine is capable of accuracy of less than five microns, while maintaining all the benefits of being an abrasive waterjet machine. This machine can cut materials such as stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, laminates, graphite, glass, nitinol, copper, and composites. With super smooth finishes, this machine is used for production or prototyping purposes. This machine also has precision controls for piercing delicate materials. With it’s quiet operation (below 80db) and small footprint, this machine is a welcomed addition to your shop floor. Read more about MicroMax.

ProtoMax – The most compact of the waterjet solutions. This machine is easy-to-use and popular amongst technical colleges and Universities for prototyping and educational purposes. Materials: this machine can cut through any material such as aluminium, carbon fiber, titanium, G10 composite and stone. Footprint: this is the smallest of all the machines at approximately 1metre by 1 metre in size, the pump is on casters to allow for easy movability around your workshop. Software, this machine uses the same Intelli-MAX  software as the larger machines in the series, which is great for transferable skills if you choose to upgrade to a larger machine later on. Cutting: each piece is submerged under the clamshell cover for  quiet cutting. Cut any material from aluminium, carbon fiber, titanium, G10 composite and stone from 1 in. thick with a 12 in. by 12 in. cutting area. Read more on ProtoMax.

Our Clients Testimonials

We’ve got a real edge on our competitors now. Our waterjet means that we’re saving massive amounts of time and the finished product is better and more consistent. We can take on more work, diversify and produce way more in-house rather than having to send parts out for the next process. Craig Van Der Stelt Zenith Custom Creations
It used to take us at least an hour to cut each part, whereas it now takes a matter of minutes. The software has been incredibly easy to learn – and the machine tells us the amount of time it will take so we can manage our workflow. Mark Tapley Diamond Stainless
We have been using waterjets for a number of years and they have improved our efficiency as well as reduced chips and blemishes. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the machine. Javier Lewis GMG Stone Melbourne

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