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Hanel Vertical Storage Systems Increase Efficiency at Stevens Products Limited

31 August

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Stevens Products Limited (SPL) was founded in 1975 by Hayward and Brian Johnston, and began as a small father and son manufacturing and engineering business operating from their home garage. SPL designs and manufactures many of their own products and industrial lawn mower parts from the USA.

SPL use the Hanel Lean-Lift to store the industrial lawn mower parts and their own product line. The key benefits of the Lean Lift for SPL is the simplicity of storing thousands of parts in one centralised location, without the need for endless rows of racking.

“We simply couldn’t run our business without the Hanel and we find it so easy to train new operators on the machine and keep our business operating efficiently.” Bernard Field, Production Manager, SPL.

Check out the SPL website.

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