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TruLaser 3000 Fiber Offer

31 July

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TRUMPF’s TruLaser 3000 Fiber, Connectivity and Flexibility Bundle 

Offer is valid until the end of October 2020.

TRUMPF’s robust and cost-efficient fiber machine package is available with seven options to guarantee optimal connectivity and flexibility. These seven options are available with up to 50% off, until the end of October 2020.

These seven options include:

1 Automatic nozzle changer

The automatic nozzle changer with precise screwing mechanism enables a quick and process reliable nozzle change. It works for all nozzle types.

2 TruTops Monitor

With TruTops Monitor machine data (MDA) such as idle states, error messages, causes of malfunction, breaks, and maintenance periods can be recorded and analyzed. All production work stations can be connected. This enables quick interactions where necessary and minimize idle times.

3 Drop&Cut

Using Drop&Cut at the touchscreen, urgently needed single parts can be intuitively and cost-efficiently placed on a remainder sheet in just a few seconds.

4 Integrated Camera for process monitoring

The integrated camera shows you at all times what is happening inside the machine. Reduce operator presence for process monitoring and conduct a quick assessment of cutting results from any location, e.g. in the production office or on a separate screen.

5 Highspeed Eco

Thanks to Highspeed Eco, you can increase the sheet throughput by up to 100%. At the same time, you can reduce your cutting gas consumption by up to 70% compared to standard cutting processes.

6 Compressed air cutting

Be flexible about the choice of cutting gas. With compressed air cutting you can cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum in an economic and reliable process.

7 CoolLine

CoolLine gives you the flexibility to cut new geometries. Cut mild steel delicately and with efficient use of material. You will have up to 25% less scrap because of tighter sheet layouts.

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