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The Timesaver 42 Series Live Demonstration

16 July

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Live Timesavers 42 Series Demonstration

Recently we demonstrated the Timesavers 42 Series live from The Netherlands with Timesavers themselves, Oscar Salet. Oscar is Timesavers’ Regional Sales Manager for Asia Pacific. While viewers got a rundown of the machine and its features, it was a great chance to ask questions and determine if this is the right machine for your business and application.

With a large number of machines installed worldwide (over 300 42 Series RB machines, in different configurations, and roughly 200 32 Series) Oscar has seen many examples of how these machines are helping clients thrive in these trying times.

What viewers saw;

  • Presentation of 42 Series and applications are shown. Oscar will show you exclusive features not unveiled in previous demonstrations around the hammerhead feature and the oxide skin removal as well as the 2 mm radius edge rounding capability.
  • Demonstration of core machine capabilities with proven value to your business.
  • Live presentation from Tim Stoddard in Melbourne.
  • Time for Q&A, ask the manufacturer directly all that you want to know, without needing to travel to the tradeshow!

If you missed the demo, we can organise a one-on-one direct from the Netherlands, simply email to request.


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