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The People: Meet Warrick Theron

18 June

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Warrick Theron

Meet this guy. He’s awesome, Warrick Theron. He’s been with us for over 17 years! Here’s our Q&A with Warrick to learn more about our Sheet Metal expert in NSW.

Where are you from?

I moved from Johannesburg, South Africa to Sydney in June 2003. The similarities between the two countries in the culture and the love of sport and the outdoors made it an easy choice.

What got you into this industry?

I have been in and around Lasers from programming them in the early days, to selling the parts they produce, to selling the machines since the mid 80s, always being in the forefront of technology!

What do you love about working with manufacturers?

Everybody has their own unique requirement and helping and assisting them achieve their goals has always been rewarding. Creating and manufacturing parts and products using the latest technologies.

How long have you been with Headland?

17 years!

What do you love about the job?

Working with the best products and the people in the industry, always varied and a nice challenge.