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The People: Meet Mosh Reddy, Supply Chain Administrator

24 November

Headland Admin

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Where are you from originally, town or country?

I moved from Labasa, Fiji to Sydney Australia over 30 years ago.

What got you into this industry?

I got into the industry because of the cutting edge technology and vast product range it offers. At Headland, no two days are the  same in the industry and there is constantly always something new to learn and see. It’s great as the industry forever moving forward and advancing which I find exciting and challenging.

What do you love about working with manufacturers?

Learning about the new technology and what its capable of. I love hearing about their stories, what they are manufacturing and how they are  helping their customers succeed.

 How long have you been with Headland?

I have been at Headland for 2 years and 6 months, it’s flying past and i’m learning every day about how we can help our customers in a better way.

What do you love about the job?

What I love about my job is the strong relationships I have with our customers, suppliers and Freight forwarders.  I also enjoy and love that no two days are the same there is always something new to see learn and do. My role is challenging and it keeps me on my toes and enables me to think outside the box. I really love the team I work with and the amazing skillset each and every team member brings to the team.

I love the work culture and work environment, the range of products we offer is highly diverse, it’s all the best in its field and from originally working in the service team, I enjoy the relationship I still have with my service team and know if I ever need assistance I can reach out. Being able to grow as an individual and as a team taking on new challenges and opportunities is what keeps me happy in my role.

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