Magnet Crane Lifting Technology and Systems

Optimise Processes with Scheffer Magnet Lifting Crane Systems

We offer a range of warehouse storage solutions and the Magnet lifting systems has transformed the steel and sheet metal industry – can you image lifting materials without it? Scheffer’s magnet technology can safely, quickly and efficiently carry out force-locking processes without damaging the goods being moved.

This technology maximises the use of your warehouse space by achieving a higher packing density and allowing operations personnel to work more efficiently. No two customers are alike, so that’s why Scheffer magnets systems can also be tailored to suit a customers’ needs.

As a well-established supplier of magnet lifting technology, Scheffer designs and implements comprehensive solutions which perfectly combine crane and magnet systems. We also specialise in retrofitting existing cranes with our magnet lifting technology.

With our team’s many years of experience, we can design fully automated individual cranes but also complete transport systems along with maintenance, repair and retrofitting work, as well as all safety tests required as part of accident prevention (UVV) tests.

Sheet Metal Transportation
Handle all kinds of sheets, whether in fully-rolled lengths, non-standard dimensions or various formatted length.
Rotate the magnets or crossbeams.
Motor-driven telescopic crossbeam to vary the distance between the magnets.

Hollow & Rolled Profile Transportation
Scheffer bonded magnets  generate a deep field. These may have two, three or even four magnetic poles.
No need for intermediate layers for the fastening of chains or belts.
Create a much higher packing density within the storage area.


Steel Bar Transportation
Gain easy access to the stacking cradles, the crossbeams are equipped.
Crossbeams are equipped with either folding or swivelling cradle holding fixtures.
Retractable pole shoes on the magnets can be used for picking up individual bars.

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