Automated Warehouse Storage and Cranes

Innovative Automated Vertical Storage, Retrieval & Crane Systems

Automated Storage and Cranes

Automated warehouse storage systems for small and medium products,  Hänel’s range of vertical storage system include the Hanel Lean-Lift is a vertical lift storage solution tailored to your needs. The Hänel Industrial Rotomat, and the Hänel Office Rotomat.

STOPA Sheet Metal storage systems. Saving space and optimally supplying goods to man or to machine is what STOPA does best. Within the sheet metal industry STOPA is synonymous with streamlined production. STOPA systems start from entry level towers to multiple towers to grow with your business. See our Bar Storage range and Sheet Metal Storage.

Scheffer Crane systems offer a large range of magnet cranes, stabilised cranes, and special cranes that are custom made to suit your needs. These cranes offer unique technology that ensures sheet metal materials can move safely and in an optimal way. Improving material transportation efficiencies can have a significant impact on your material processing times. Conveying loads quickly and safely from point to point is highly important for industries such as rail and steel processing. See our range of magnet crane systems, specialised cranes, and load stabilised cranes.

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Our Client's Testimonials

There is one way to guarantee an improvement in your warehouse efficiency by up to 40% – and it doesn’t involve restructuring your whole supply chain. So, what’s this miracle answer we hear you ask? Vertical storage. Astralpool Australia
We simply couldn’t run our business without the Hanel and we find it so easy to train new operators on the machine and keep our business operating efficiently. Bernard Field, Production Manager Stevens Products Limited (SPL)
The fact that we don’t have to use a forklift anymore is great, it means we can operate the machinery and pick our items in a safer way. Scott Rimes, General Manager System Control Engineering

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