Accuity - Small Parts with Higher Accuracy

Ideal for Small Parts

With certified accuracy from 6 microns, and ability to scan parts greater than 160mm diameter. The total setup and inspection time for new parts is approximately 4 seconds.

2D Features

Automatic report generation and alignment with no requirement for fixtures.
Results enable identification of ‘bad’ parts and are also traceable, ISO10360-4.
Inspect multiple parts at once, reverse engineer at high speed and re-position and merge scan data.

3D Features

 With the 3D features, you’ll be able to capture the texture of the part and also the 3D shape, measure edges in 3D. You’ll have the ability to scan the part in less than 10 seconds. Other features include; check angle heights and cross-sections, projection of flatness deviation onto part, augmented reality projection of failed features onto parts, HDR scanning for reflective and high contrast components. The machine is also compatible with free 3D inspection software.

 3D and 2D Scanning

 3D Scanning is included as a standard feature. Inspect in both 2D and 3D, enabling easy comparability to both 2D and 3D CAD models or inspect without a CAD model.

New options are available for 2021. Please download this guide to read more.

Quick Set Up

Reduce your set up times by importing dimensions with a CAD file.

3D and 2D Scanning

The 3D Scanning Feature is includes as a standard feature.Inspect in both 2 and 3D, enabling easy comparability to both dimensions.

Safe and Accurate

With no moving parts, it’s safe and easy to use on the shop floor.
20MP cameras and HD projectors produce accurate measurements traceable to ISO10360-4. Enjoy fast inspection with minimal set up.

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