Timesavers 42RB Series - Deburring, Finishing, Edge Rounding and Laser Oxide Removal

Timesavers 42RB Series – Deburr, Finish, Round Edges and Remove Laser Oxide

Experience superior, perfect deburring. The 42 RB series ensures a ‘high-end’ finish. Available in 1350 mm and 1600 mm width. This is THE solution for manufacturers who provide superior, high-quality products. A multi-rotating brush machine, with eight brushes, deburrs in uniformity. It rounds edges of metal to perfection. Produce a rounding radius of up to at least 2 mm. This is one of Timesavers most awarded and popular machines.

This machine can be fitted with one or more abrasive belt heads, enabling the easy removal of very large spurs for a guaranteed perfect finish. With the frequency- controlled rotating brushes this machine can process plasma cut, 3D and machined parts. This machine processes small (from 30 mm) to large parts (1600 mm) in a variety of  materials including; stainless steel, aluminium, zincor, zinc and laser film products.

The standard version includes; a centrally installed and user friendly control panel, an automatic table opening of 0 – 100 mm, Carrousel rotating brush head equipped with 4 brushes rotating to the left and 4 to the right, a frequency-controlled conveyor belt with a speed ranging from 0.2 to 8 m/min, window panels and lit interior for process observation, brushes with an extremely long service life no less than 3000 hours, LED beams on the in-feed and out-feed that show the machine status, available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 heads, vacuum table with automatic cleaning cycle, quick replace system for brushes and abrasive belts, and all machines are CE certified.

Applications and benefits include; contact time with brushes: 1600 mm, the 8 brushes have a total of 46 m2 of abrasive medium, the removal of burrs due to laser, plasma, water jet cut and embossed parts in one go, flat, formed and 3D parts with pockets/protrusions, preliminary removal of large burrs and finishing of surfaces, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper, machining of mixed materials with suitable wet extraction, deburring Zintec, galvanised and plated material, Treating small parts (50 x 50 mm) is possible with the standard vacuum table, materials: aluzinc, light metal and plastic without damage including ink-marked parts.

Standard Specifications:
Number of heads: 1-4.
Head types: rotary brush, drum.
Machine widths: 1000 and 1350 mm.
Vacuum conveyor bed is standard.

Specifications: Brushes
Abrasive brush size: 350 mm.
Number of brushes: 8.
Quick change brush mounting.

Specifications, Speed and Feed
0-100 mm bed opening.
0,6-8 m/min feed speed, 2,6 KW.
Up to 11 KW main drive motor.
180 mm diameter adjustable contact drum.

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