Timesavers 22 Series - Dry Finishing and Metal Deburring

Timesavers 22 Series

For dry finishing and metal deburring, the 22 series is for you. Experience this versatile machine in three widths: 900 mm. 1050 mm. 1280 mm.

In total, you can use three attachments with the machine for many applications. You can combine an abrasive belt and a brush, and deburr and round your items all at once. This combination of processes will enable you to save time and improve efficiencies, deburring of laser-cut metal and edge rounding of sides all in one set-up.

22 series 900 mm Multi Disc (MD)

The 22 series 900 mm Multi Disc (MD) is a new attachment that enables the deburring brushes rotate against each other to achieve a perfect result. The multi Disc is also available for quality rounding of larger parts.

22 series Hammerhead

This enables the removal of heavy slag on plasma cut steel parts with ease. Suitable for the 22 and the 42 RB series. This aggregate consists out of replaceable flexible pins to remove the heavy slag .


Standard Version
Rigid table installed on 4 synchronous spindles.
Frequency controlled transport motor, 2.5 – 14 m/min.
Automatic setting of the table height: 1 – 125 mm.

Applications and benefits
Removal of vertical burrs from punch, laser and water jet cut parts.
Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper.
Low operating costs and a high production capacity.

Machine widths: 900 mm, 1100 mm, 1280 mm.
Up to 15 KW main drive motor.
1900 mm or 2620 mm abrasive belt length.

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