Timesavers 10 Series - The versatile Starter Model

Timesavers’ 10 Series Versatile Starter Models

These are a cost-saving alternative to manual deburring, edge rounding and metal finishing.

The abrasive medium is for heavy-duty grinding on one side. On the other side, for instance, is a brush for deburring, edge rounding or finishing. Create a mirror finish if required. The 180-degree rotating shaft allows for fast, easy changing between different consumables.

The ergonomic manual grinder is for optimal operating conditions. To fix parts during deburring and finishing, there’s a high friction surface mat. Through the integrated vacuum, you can secure smaller parts in their place.

With the 10 Series standard version the following features are included; a movable arm in 2 positions with weight compensation, a deburring disc for the removal of rough burrs, high friction mat for small parts, a grinding dust collection, removable tray, a frequency-controlled drive. The bench size is 1300 x 800 mm bench, with weight approximately 270 kg. A 400 V connection comes standard with a vacuum table. The motor is 1.5 kW. The side panels that can be adjusted for personal protection and also to provide flexibility when machining large parts.  And you can rest assured that all Timesaver machines are CE certified.

Standard Version Footprint and Power
1300 x 800 mm bench.
Weight approx. 270 kg.
400 V connection with vacuum table.
1.5 kW main motor.

Applications and benefits
3 – 4 times faster than manual deburring.
Uniform edge rounding and deburring.
Entry-level starting model.

Work table: 1300 x 800 mm (960 mm working height) and vacuum area: 300 x 250 mm.
230 Volt / 1 kW / 4 A abrasive drive motor.
63.5 mm maximum part thickness.

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