TRUMPF TruLaser Cell Series 3000 - 5-Axis 3D Laser Machine

TRUMPF TruLaser Cell Series 3000 – 5-axis 3D Laser Machine

The TRUMPF TruLaser Cell 3000 is a compact and high-precision 5-axis laser machine. You can weld and cut in two or three dimensions.

This 3D laser machine is suitable for laser metal deposition (LMD). You can weld, cut, and LMD through simple and fast process adapter changes. TRUMPF’s tailor-made fixture concepts include sophisticated clamping systems and sensor systems. And all from a single source.

Falling under our range of other advanced manufacturing machinery, this machine can create prototypes and large-scale series production, with extensive automation. This is cost-effective laser processing of small to medium-sized, quality, components.

Use the full work area for big installations and comprehensive automation.

TRUMPF’s Siemens 840D SolutionLine interface makes operation easy. During cutting, you can use cutting parameters stored on the control system. It also provides optimisation for common laser types, material types, and material thicknesses.

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

Simple to operate and offering the operator the greatest possible ergonomic comfort.


Productive and Versatile

You can weld and cut in two or three dimensions.

Repetition Accuracy

Accuracy of up to < 5 µm.

The Dynamic Motion Unit

The machine has dynamic, linear direct drives. These enable fast and precise positioning and operate almost wear-free. Another advantage is with the boom construction of up to four axes (X, Y, Z, and B axis) in the beam. It’s easy to automate the laser machine for high quantities.

Experience the FocusLine Professional Variable Zoom Optics

Unique optics system for automatic change of the focal diameter and focal position. It’s not necessary to change the optics. Depending on processing tasks, it is possible to apply variable, program-controlled aspect ratios.

Some examples of processing tasks include: Deep welding, heat conduction welding, cutting thick and thin sheets, or LMD.

In a two-station operation with a rotary table, produce and set up at the same time. This is ideal for high quantities. Also, a single loading and unloading position facilitates component handling. On request, robots can take care of loading and unloading your parts. Side accessibility is excellent. This allows smooth integration of the machine, in complete production lines. And includes linear transfer and workpiece exchange systems.

For Ultimate Measurement Accuracy

A direct, absolute system, with glass scale, for positioning measurements for the X/Y axis. For the Z-axis, the measurement with the rotor position sensor is in the motor. The absolute encoders perform extra evaluation of the axis position. No reference run is necessary when starting up the control.

Deep Welding

The TruLaser Cell 3000 is excellent for deep welding. It is great when you need a very high power density, of about 1 megawatt per square centimetre. High efficiency and welding speeds mean the heat-affected zone is small. Distortion is minimal. This process is for applications requiring high welding depths. Or in cases where many material layers need welding at the same time. An example is laser welding of an automotive gear differential.

You can weld, cut and LMD through simple and fast process adapter changes

For higher quantities, automation is in line with your specific requirements.

Easy to retrofit and upgrade, with a large number of options and processing optics.

The TruLaser Cell 3000 also has a flexible work area,  is ideal for any scale manufacturing job, it has a hard-wearing, low maintenance, direct linear drive. And the optional beam switch connects two beam sources.

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