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Introducing InspecVision: Superior Sheet Metal Inspection Equipment

27 February

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Do you manufacture parts and need traceability? Do you have quality systems needing measurement and approval? Introducing our new product range at Headland. InspecVision provide sheet metal inspection equipment. These computerised, vision-based measurement systems are for industrial applications.

InspecVision founder, Dr Jan Antonis, carried out advanced research in computer vision systems. He saw there was a gap in the market for a system which could measure parts with speed and ease. InspecVision machines include the Planar 2D and the Opti-Scan 3D.

Do you have various processes and steps involved in your manufacturing business? Do you punch, bend, combine, fabricate, or weld sheet metal? Sheet metal inspection equipment will check the quality at the early stages of your processes. Confirm the part is worthwhile. Determine if you will send it to scrap metal before applying all the labour at every other stage of the process.

After receiving a part drawing, you process the part on your laser cutter. After manufacturing your part, you can place the part under the InspecVision machine. The machine will confirm the tolerances meet the requirements in the drawings. The machines can also reverse engineer parts. Measure the part and trace to recreate it.

Planar 2D is a simple and quick way to verify product quality. You can conduct 2D inspection, CAD comparisons and reverse engineering in seconds.

Opti-Scan 3D is the world’s first 3D inspection machine to measure surfaces and edges in 3D. The Opti-scan projects patterns of light onto the part to generate a scan. The camera records patterns. Special software evaluates the data to create a 3D point cloud of the scanned surface. You can measure any area of the part that the camera can see. Each scan can contain:

  • up to 40 million edge measurements; and
  • up to 20 million surface measurements.

Do you have a step that passes through quality assurance? Do you have any issues checking the value of a part? Sheet metal inspection equipment will help you at the start of the process. Identify scrap parts at the early stages without waiting until the end of the process.