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11 December

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TRUMPF: Regular water change = healthy and well functioning machine

The RF Generator is the power source for your machine’s resonator – the place where the laser beam is generated. Hence, it is a very important and also very expensive part of your laser or combination machine. The same applies to your resonator – it’s a very pricey part.
That is why a water change once a year is absolutely necessary – keeping your machine in a good shape and ensuring highest productivity and parts quality.

But: Please make sure that the water change is done in the correct way and with the right chemicals! Otherwise, your copper circuit could end up looking like this = very expensive repair!


OMAX: Clean tank  = Higher process reliability & less costs

Does your tank look like this?

Your tank should not look like this

The more garnet in the water, the more severe the turbulence from the cutting stream in the water. This may cause parts to lift during the cutting process, which may result in collisions with the nozzle or cutting through the parts again.

Also: The higher the turbulence, the more garnet will get on top of your material. This means, you will have to wash your material once the cutting process is finished which is time-consuming, labour-intensive and simply a dirty job.

So, remember to clean your tank on a regular basis:

1. Drain the water
2. Remove the slats
3. Get the garnet out (and anything else that might have fallen in – you never know what you might find…)
4. Refill the tank with water
5. Insert the slats

This will not only save you $$ by eliminating an additional, messy clean-up task but also ensure a safe and reliable cutting process.

TRUMPF: Slat cleaner TruTool TSC 100 – Changing seals easily

Seals and sliding disks should be checked weekly or before using the tool to ensure a long service life. See how it’s done:

OMAX: Wet on-off valve air actuator  = long UHP tubing life

Remember to service your on-off valve air actuator to prevent it from drying out! A dry air actuator will cause pressure spikes and drops which will lead to a premature failure of the UHP tubing.

Find out how this is done in seconds here.

On Off Valve O Ring

On Off Valve O Ring









OMAX: Constant pressure = best results

Watch how to ensure a constant pressure by simply adjusting the dump valve:

TRUMPF: Conveyor belt lubrication – do it right to avoid fire hazard

When and how is this done? Watch Keith:

OMAX: Good fittings = no leaks

For ideal pressure and cutting results, check your fittings once a month:

TRUMPF: TruBend maintainace = maximum productivity

Daily maintenance and simple operation tips help you get the most out of your bending machine:

OMAX: Clean filters = long, trouble-free life for your Direct Drive Pump

It’s easy and here’s how it’s done:

TRUMPF: Clean Lens = best cutting results

Clean your Lens once a week for ideal cutting results.
Written instructions

TRUMPF: No chips = No scratches

Chips caught between the die and punch can scratch your material – learn how to remove them safely.

OMAX: Keep the rails clean…

… to get the maximum out of your machine.


Makino: Replace your batteries before the holidays

It’s easy as 1 2 3, let us show you how.

OMAX: Quick and easy way to save money on mixing tubes

Just rotate the tube every eight hours – We can show you how in 50 seconds.

TRUMPF: Keep your electrical cabinet cool this Summer

Easy maintenance tips for any TRUMPF machine with electrical cabinets.