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Makino Machining Centers Support RUAG Australia in Remaining Globally Competitive

1 March

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RUAG Australia

RUAG Australia develops and markets internationally sought-after technology applications in the fields of defence and aviation for both the Australian and international markets. Located across five sites in four states, RUAG Australia has a proud history of providing manufacturing and technology services to trusted partners. RUAG Aviation, the RUAG division which includes RUAG Australia, is headquartered in Emmen (Switzerland), and currently has a number of facilities at various locations in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil and the USA, employing around 2,200 employees worldwide

Customer and Supplier Relationships are Crucial

Matthew Oakley, Production Engineering Manager, RUAG Australia, explains that an element of RUAG Australia’s success stems from maintaining strong customer and supplier relationships.

“We work closely with our customers to achieve long-standing relationships; this goes beyond intrinsic elements like quality and delivery. We want to understand everything, from their market to where RUAG fits in, so that we are able to build a solid partnership.”

Matthew Oakley reiterates the importance of RUAG Australia’s relationship with Headland. “Our policy on the purchasing of machine tools is clear: RUAG Australia purchases only those machine tools which come with a firm guarantee of support. We have a long history with Headland, simply because Headland’s service and support is outstanding. They have continuously proven their service and support of our work, enabling our operations to remain accurate and on schedule. We look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.”

Remaining Globally Competitive

RUAG Australia works in a highly competitive market and supports a range of international customers. In order to remain globally competitive and maintain their excellent reputation within the industries they service, RUAG Australia actively seeks new ways to stay at the forefront – through new equipment, technology and trends.

Makino is widely recognised for the manufacturing of high precision and state-of-the-art machine tooling. The recent purchase of two Makino horizontal 5-axis machining centres from Headland are set to free up existing machines – allowing RUAG Australia to improve on their production and enhance their portfolio of projects.

Matthew Oakley confirms, “The purchase of our Makinos mean that we’ll have the capacity to consolidate our position. And, as the machining centers are equipped with the proven technology to capture any potential issues before they arise, our production stays on track.” In fact, having used Makino machine tools since 2003, RUAG Australia favours their accuracy and ability to withstand long periods of continuous operation.  

Within a rapidly expanding aerospace industry, RUAG Australia continues to produce high quality products for customers.

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