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Punching Without Limits

3 December

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Punching Without Limits

Partners for more than 30 years, TRUMPF and Headland have more experience than most in punching technology, with TRUMPF continually developing new processes and more powerful machines to create user oriented innovations.

The endless journey of punching technology

Launching their first semi automated punching machine in 1968, TRUMPF were the first to introduce combination technology into the market, combining punching and laser cutting in one single machine.

The concept of punching designates a slitting process in which a sheet is severed in one stroke. Shapes such as round holes are created in the part and external contours are cut with multiple strokes or nibbling. With this technology, it is the most cost effective process that provides quality to suit almost every requirement.

There is no easier and more economical way to put a hole in a sheet than to punch it

With a TRUMPF TruPunch machine:

  • You are able to punch, form, tap and bend in a single operation.
  • With the use of Skeleton free processing you are able to increase your material utilization by 10%, reducing costs accordingly.
  • With either the standard or traditional hydraulic or the newer electronic punching head. You can also count on each TruPunch machine to save you energy and time.
  • Their minimal use of compressed air, materials and electricity contribute towards an all-around reduction in the use of resources.

TRUMPF have revolutionised the ability to punch and process, polished and finished materials by active or descending die. This process incorporates the downward movement of the die whenever the sheet is moved, thereby removing all contact with the sheet and removing all possibility of scratching or damaging it’s underside.

Punching in Australia

Punching technology has been in the Australian market for many years, it’s the oldest and most accepted form of sheetmetal manufacture. The earlier  punching machines known as Eccentric Presses, were limited in funtionality, but still worked easily for the economically conscious. They relied on dedicated tooling which in turn reduced the capability and scope of work.

Today, TruPunch machines have made the manufacturing companies in Australia successful. TRUMPF provides a unique C shaped machine frame, which differs to other suppliers who traditionally use an O frame. This allows better access and offers you the flexibility to process a unique and diverse range of parts as well as oversized sheets. The many and varied applications stretch from simple to complex sheet metal parts with high accuracy and excellent surface and edge quality. This means you are able to process a multitude of different parts entirely on one machine.

Versatilty through punching

Punching machines by TRUMPF keep manufacturing processes streamlined, versatile and cost effective. They not only provide great machines but also high quality punching tools, the correct accessories for perfect set up and simplified maintenance procedures.

TRUMPF focuses on making good things even better. Be convinced by the solutions that will revolutionise your production

For more information on how TRUMPF punching machines can improve your business, contact us today on 1 300 592 061 or visit our punching section of our website.