Connect Two Metal Parts with Ease

Join parts simply and economically

Economically Join Metal Parts

We offer a range of power tools and our power fasteners are simple and economic joining; for ventilation, air conditioning, container construction or apparatus specialists. For corrosion resistant joins for a perfect connection. No fasteners, screws or rivets required. Low-vibration and quiet operation, the whole process is emission-free.
Quick and easy to use, adapt this power tool to its application instantly. This power tool also has a low vibration and is quite to use.

TRUMPF currently offers TruTool TF 350 (3A1) tilting arm, TruTool TF 350 (3A1) without tool, TruTool TF 350 (3A5) tilting arm, LiHD battery 18V, TruTool TF 350 (3A5) without tool, LiHD battery 18V.

TRUMPF Power Tool Power Fastener

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