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OMAX’s Top 3 Spare Parts

16 March

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OMAX top 3 Spare Parts

These are the top three spare parts you need on hand to ensure you maximise your waterjet up-time

These are the most common parts you’ll need at your fingertips if your machine goes down.

Mixing Tubes

What is it?

This is there area where the garnet and meet and this can wear out over time. Misaligned jets, damaged jewels or contaminated garnet abrasive can also wear this part down.

What do I need?

You’ll need a few spare parts of these kits on hand, so they can  be replaced quickly and easily.

Pump Rebuild Kits

What is it?

A pump rebuild kit offers a full set of O-rings, seals, filters and more, so you have the components on-site and ready for routine maintenance.

What do I need?

At around 500-2,000 hours the waterjet the wet end of the high-pressure pump needs routine maintenance. This can be carried out by the Headland technical team or in-house depending upon your skill level.



What is it?

While OMAX waterjets are the most efficient in the industry in terms of garnet usage, you always need enough abrasive material on hand to keep your production running.

What do I need?

OMAX waterjets abrasive feed rates can use up to a 1Kg per minute. So it’s handy to have enough on hand to keep your machine running and producing.

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