Vertical Machining 5-Axis

Makino 5-axis
Vertical Machining 5-Axis

Makino 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center for the Highest Accuracy on the Market

The Makino 5-axis vertical machining center range are the most accurate machines on the market, designed to maximise thermal stability ad eliminate cumultative errors that are commonly found in other 5-axis applications. This range delivers the ultimate dynamic accuracy, thanks to the rotary axes.

All machines in this range include Makino’s innovative next generation technology, Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) motion control technology. This unique technology provides the lowest cycle time possible, which is critical in allowing a Makino machine to process toolpath data at a higher, more accurate speed – while generating the highest quality finish possible. 

SGI.4 also slashes time for complex operations, while significantly reducing manual polishing and rework, as the finished product is always of optimum quality. 

Renowned for their versatility, this machine range from Makino is ideal for high speed machining operations that require accuracy and precision. 


    • Dynamic accuracy within a 5-axis configuration.
    • Every machine in this range includes SGI.4 motion control technology for faster tool path data processing.
    • Reduced cycle times for complex 5-axis applications.
    • Eliminates the need for manual polishing and secondary operations.
    • The speed of the axes guarantee enhanced productivity within a wide range of workpieces and materials. 
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