TRUMPF TruLaser Series 5000

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TRUMPF TruLaser Series 5000

TRUMPF TruLaser | Highly Productive Cutting Machining

The TRUMPF TruLaser 5000 Series, the productive, high-end flatbed laser cutting machining, achieves top quality results in thin and thick sheet metal while guaranteeing high productivity and efficiency. With high quality results and efficiency characterised by speed and reliable processes.

The TRUMPF TruLaser 5000’s intelligent functions and diverse automation solutions guarantee excellent results in continuous operation. The CO2 laser also offers clear-cut benefits and produces smooth edges, the TRUMPF TruLaser 5000 series proves to be the perfect machine for excellence in laser cutting.

With powerful functionality such as CoolLine, allowing you to create small contours in thick mild steel to an outstanding quality, and the smart nozzle automation ensuring a high quality of the nozzle, the TRUMPF TruLaser 5000 guarantee the best processing results.

Increased efficiency and reduced down-time can be guaranteed by the collision protection functionality for your cutting head, proving superior reliability. In the event of collisions, damage to the cutting head is avoided.

The TRUMPF TruLaser 5000 Series is the perfect machine for excellent laser cutting results.

    • World’s most efficient CO2 and fiber laser
    • Precise contour cutting
    • Can be fully automated
    • Top quality results in thin sheet metal
    • Universally applicable with BrightLine fiber option
    • Resonator up to 8kW
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