TRUMPF TruLaser Series 3000

2D Laser Cutter
TRUMPF TruLaser Series 3000

All-Round 2D Laser Cutter from TRUMPF

2D Laser Cutter, the TruLaser 3000 Series from TRUMPF provides all-round versatility, laser cutting with the TruLaser Series 3000 is the next generation of powerful innovation.  The TruLaser 3030 (CO2 or Fiber), TruLaser 3040 (CO2 or Fiber) and TruLaser 3060 (Fiber) laser cutting machines with CO2 lasers combine high performance with cut quality that is second to none. Thanks to compact machine dimensions and a simple operating concept, the TruLaser 3030 and TruLaser 3040 are the perfect overall package for the production of your laser-cut parts.

The flexible layout means you can adapt the installation completely to your requirements – even transverse layout is possible. With RotoLas, cut tubes directly on your laser flatbed machine. Additionally, CoolLine functionality allows you to delicately create even small contours in thick mild steel.

Achieve perfect quality with the TruFlow CO2  laser, resulting in micro-burr-free cutting and thanks to BrightLine, expect extremely smooth cutting edges in stainless steel. Brightline cutting procedure enables the highest quality cuts to be made in thick stainless steel, resulting in considerably reduced reworking, or often reworking is no longer required at all.

    • High laser power
    • Rapid processing
    • One cutting head for all sheet thicknesses
    • Can be fully automated
    • Fiber and lean options available
    • Process tubes and profiles with RotoLas option
    • Automation available
    • Resonator up to 6kW
    • Up to 6000mm cutting length
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