Magnet Systems

Magnet Systems

Optimise Processes with Magnet Lifting Technology

Magnet lifting technology has transformed the steel industry – can you image lifting materials without it? Scheffer’s magnet technology can safely, quickly and efficiently carry out force-locking processes without damaging the goods being moved.

This technology maximises the use of your warehouse space by achieving a higher packing density and allowing operations personnel to work more efficiently. No two customers are alike, so that’s why Scheffer magnets systems can also be tailored to suit a customers’ needs.

  • Scheffer Magnet Systems are created with customers in mind. They can:

    • Move heavy loads safely, quickly and efficiently
    • Features force-locking processes
    • Allows for higher packing density in your warehouse
    • Frees up operations personnels’ time
    • Can be tailored to suit your needs
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