High Precision

High Precision

Makino 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centers for Absolute Accuracy

5 axis vertical machining centers from Makino enable high precision engineering. The Makino V33i, V56i and V77 pursue absolute accuracy while producing superb quality parts. Each machine allows for different size machining and are suitable for a wide variety of projects.

Renowned for offering the highest level of accuracy and repeatability in the industry, the Makino 5 axis vertical machining centers have less lost motion and higher stiffness and rigidity than comparable 5 axis machines.

The high precision range provide one-setup access to complex, multiple-sided parts, which in turn reduces handling and costs. Facilitating access to undercut areas, oddly positioned features and intricate geometrical shapes, the machines are incredibly versatile and come equipped with shorter tool lengths. The high precision range from Makino hold the best tool life and surface finish characteristics in the marketplace.

The high precision machines can also be used for blending and matching complex multi-plane surfaces – common within die/mold production.


    • Perfect solution for dies/molds and precision parts.
    • Core-cooled ballscrews on all axes, including; temperature control of the bearings support bracket area and motor mounting area – ensuring sufficient component temperatures are maintained.
    • Provides highest accuracy and repeatability in the industry, with less lost motion and a greater level of stiffness and rigidity.
    • Highly acclaimed on shop floors everywhere.
    • Y-axis travel of 700 mm.
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