Graphite Machining

Makino V56i-GR
Graphite Machining

Graphite Machining Centers Deliver Speed and Accuracy

Low vibration, high speed machining, the graphite machining centers from Makino deliver consistent high accuracy performance when machining small molds for mobile phones, digital camera components, IC molds connectors and engineering plastics.

Boasting high speed, accuracy and flexibility, this range can machine a variety of other materials, including steel. With their low vibration and high speed spindles, the graphite machining centers can dry-machine steel, graphite and castings, for consistently high performance.

The V22 Graphite is equipped with the Makino Professional 6 control, with a Windows CE operating system to deliver a stable, secure platform with a user-friendly interface. This innovative latest-generation machine is outfitted with large, colour, touch-screen applications.

The V33i Graphite has core-cooled ballscrews, support bearings and motor mounts – and a core-cooled saddle design which provides accuracy in long cycle time. The spindle offers Makino’s dynamic cooling system and under-race lubrication system, minimising spindle distortion at high spindle speeds.

The V77 Graphite is supplied with a low vibration, high speed no.40 spindle with Makino’s GI.5 control to deliver high accuracy, speedy machining. Featuring a fully enclosed splash back guard, graphite dust is completely sealed, ensuring a clean and tidy workshop environment.

    • Most graphite machining models also designed for steel machining.
    • Fully enclosed splash guard to seal graphite dust for a clean shop floor.
    • Dry casting machining also possible.
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