Equipped with OMAX industry leading, closed loop digital Omega drive motion system.

The GlobalMAX JetMachining Center product line encompasses three machine models that far exceed customer demands for cost efficient, yet high-performance waterjet cutting technology.  This range is built to last, as well as being easy to use and ready to handle your production needs.

This range of GlobalMAX waterjet machines enables users to reap the benefits of quick and efficient abrasive waterjet cutting. With X/Y motion drive systems designed purely for the abrasive waterjet industry, the technology requires no lubrication. The 180 degree engagement with the drive ensures a seamless progression from rotary to linear motion, particularly when compared to that of traditional rack and pinion systems.

The easy-to-use, powerful, industry-leading software suite enables the user to accurately cut parts speedily the first time. Offering precise cutting and high speeds, users benefit from increased productivity and more efficient processes. In addition to increased part cutting accuracy, the advanced, dynamic drive system delivers much faster and smoother motion. Available for 1530, 2040 and 1508.

    • GlobalMAX pumps use OMAX direct drive technology proven in thousands of installations worldwide.
    • This industry leading waterjet range features 30% more nozzle power than any other pump technology, enabling users to produce parts faster at a lower cost.
    • The highly efficient GlobalMAX pumps convert over 85% electrical power to pure cutting power.
    • Speedy cutting times and optimum precision for efficient workplace operations.
    • Innovative and dynamic Omega Drive System engineered for the waterjet industry.
    • GlobalMAX delivers world class waterjet capabilities without compromise to customers in any industry.
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