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Headland Stock List – Take Advantage of Instant Asset and Depreciation Write-offs

24 June

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Headland Stock List Machines

Headland Stock List

We’ve got the remaining machines in stock and ready for immediate delivery – and they must go soon so get in quick!

Maxiem 1530 (New)

Maxiem 1530

  • Fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any abrasive waterjet in the industry
  • Speed of 500 in/min
  • Backed by Intelli-Max Software with real world cutting data
  • Powerful all-in-one computer controller with 23″ screen
  • No noxious gases, oils or liquids caused in or by the machining process

Request a spec sheet or free demo here.

Nakamura-Tome Super NTX-S Lathe (Used)


  • The Super NTX with its tool spindle on the upper side, and one lower turret, this machine is the ultimate in multitasking technology.
  • With two opposite chucks on the left and right hand sides, coupled with high precision part transfer from the left to right hand chuck, all-face simultaneous complete machining in available in one single chucking.
  • With its high-rigidity turrets and the latest servo technology the tool-to-tool time is just over 0.2 seconds.
  • By using the one lower turrets during the ATC tool change, idle time is reduced even further.
  • The Super NTX provides the latest in high-speed and multitasking for production.

NT NTX specs

Timesavers 10 Series 1300MG (New)

The 10 series, also named the Manual Grinder, is a cost effective alternative to conventional grinding and deburring.

The head of this manual grinding machine consists of a grinding wheel and a tiltable flap brush (180˚).

By the weight-bearing outsourced arm of the head can be easily moved over the work piece. With as result a uniformly rounded edge. Thanks to the anti slip mat small parts can be processed effortlessly.