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Laser Cutting Machine

9 January

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TRUMPF Laser Cutting Machines available in Australia from Headland Machinery

During the laser cutting process, the laser can handle a variety of cutting tasks. They range from precisely cut micrometer joints in paper-thin semiconductor chips to high quality cuts in 1.25 inch thick steel. In laser drilling, the laser beam creates very small to large sized holes without contact in metals, plastics paper and stone.

Principle used in a Laser Cutting Machine

Principle used in a Laser Cutting Machine















Where the focused laser beam strikes the workpiece, it heats the material so much that it melts or even vaporises. Once it has completely penetrated the workpiece, the cutting process can start. The laser beam moves along the part contour, melting the material as it goes. Typically, a stream of gas blows the melted material downwards, out of the cut. The gap is barely wider than the focused laser beam itself.

In laser drilling, a short laser pulse melts and vaporises the material with a high power density. The resulting high pressure drives the molten material out of the hole.

TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber: A revolution in Laser Cutting Machinery

Now equipped with the BrightLine fiber function, the TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber with its 5kw solid state laser cutting is a revolution for all purpose 2D laser processing.

The benchmark for laser cutting machinery in Australia, TRUMPF and Headland have had an exclusive partnership for more than three decades, and will continue well in to the future.