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InspecVision Aerospace Case Studies – Automated 2D & 3D measurement systems for inspection, CAD comparisons and reverse engineering

22 February

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Inspecvision aerospace case studies

InspecVision have put together some case studies for the Aerospace industry. See below the benefits these measurement and reverse engineering systems are delivering.

Us Metal crafters

This company had a need to increase speed and accuracy to maximise their product flow. They were using manual tools such as calipers, protractors and tape measures to inspect parts. Larger and more complex parts were both difficult and very time consuming to check. Read how they incorporated an InspectVision system to increase their production flow. Download case study.

Marshall Aerospace

Marshall Aerospace are a leading independent aerospace contractor in the UK. The Cambridge based company is a Boeing supplier. They required a more accurate way to check the 22 to 10 gauge (0.7 to 3.0 mm thick) components after they have been routed and drilled.  They require components whose machined features are so precise that they fit together perfectly, without having to use jigs on the factory floor and ream out pilot holes. Advantages include: avoiding the expense and lead-time of producing jigs, faster assembly and less risk of damage, especially if the operator is working in a confined space. Read more.


Whitwam works “exclusively as a sub-contractor for larger suppliers within the Aerospace Industry. Until 2007, the customers that Whitwam supplied were happy to inspect components on arrival, or provide a calibrated master so that the subcontractor could inspect parts by eye. The latter, although satisfactory, was not ideal as there was a risk of human error, which could lead to a batch of parts being scrapped. Read more.