Industrial 3D Printer

High Performance, Cost-Efficient 3D Printing Systems

High Performance, Cost-efficient 3D Printing Systems

Additive manufacturing range of industrial 3D printers from Voxeljet specialised on powder-binder-jetting of plastic and sand.

These 3D printing systems are scalable and can be tailored for a broad range of applications and industries. By investing in them, you can save up to 75% in sand casting costs.

Greater Productivity and Cost-effectiveness

Falling under our range of advanced manufacturing machinery, our Industrial 3D printers provide greater flexibility, speed, and geometric freedom compared to conventional methods. Besides savings in sand casting costs, they will also increase general productivity.

Universal 3D Printer for Industrial Applications

The VX 1000 is a universal 3D printer for industrial applications. Fast, user-friendly, it enables the operator to produce medium-sized models for making prototypes cost-effectively.

Industrial 3D printers can be used for time and cost-efficient production of sand moulds and cores for metal casting. Silica sand is used as particulate material, and the moulds are produced by applying a particle material in layers and selectively bonding it with a binder—also used for investment casting models.

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