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High Speed Bending Cell

15 July

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Until just recently, it was no more than a vision for the future, but now on the occasion of the Blechexpo, the TruBend Cell 7000 is to be marketed throughout Europe. And it’s not a minute too soon, since the list of potential customers has grown quite long.

Recent months have shown that the automated bending cell for small parts is in tune with the times at many sheet metal manufacturing operations. As a result, a flood of inquiries and advance orders are keeping people on their toes at the TRUMPF Bending Center in Pasching, Austria. The reason? This new product has a lot to offer.

The TruBend Cell 7000 is the world’s fastest system for automated bending of small parts. With an average cycle time of just 4 seconds per bend, the TruBend Cell 7000 turns out parts at a rate twice that of conventional bending cells and could replace two to three manual bending machines. This bending cell comprises essentially one TruBend 7036 Cell Edition press brake, a BendMaster robot, and a LoadMaster Bend loading unit. All three systems operate under the command of a single central controller, without the need for interfaces. It is this sophisticated coordination that makes the short cycle time of 4 seconds per bend possible.

Changing out the bending dies can also be automated with the ToolMaster Bend, from which the robot selects the dies, all fitted with chips for identification purposes. The components, including the system pallet and tracks, are fully encapsulated and require just 21 square meters of floor space.

The new TruBend Cell 7000 is ideal for every industry that processes small blanks in either small or large quantities. Examples include;

  • Steel cabinet and appliance construction
  • Furnace and heating systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Lighting systems and more

Even large-scale furniture producers and automobile manufacturers, usually requiring a wide variety of small sheet metal parts, will find that this new high-speed bending cell lets them produce those parts more profitably than ever before.

For more information on how TRUMPF technology can help your business, visit our Sheet Metal Division, or call 03 9244 3500.