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Headland Partners with Dynamic 3D Printing Company SPEE3D

4 June

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Headland Partners with Spee3d

There are several cutting-edge technologies transforming the world at the moment: one is genomics, one is nanotechnology, and the other is 3D printing. What can be manufactured today through 3D printing was once only imaginable, a fantasy belonging to the realm of science fiction.

But thanks to Melbourne-based 3D printing company, SPEE3D, science-fiction is rapidly materialising into science-fact.

spee3d metal parts printer

Spee3d was the winner of the prestigious Bosch Venture Award in 2015

Based in Dandenong, Victoria, SPEE3D specialises in bespoke 3D metal printing machinery. At the recent Austech event held at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 14-17 May, SPEE3D’s 3D printer was on display; able to create complex steam engine parts in the time it takes to cook pasta.

Australian leader in manufacturing technology solutions and innovation, Headland Machinery, is delighted to announce its partnership with SPEE3D.

SPEE3D joins Headland’s existing Advanced Manufacturing Division and fellow high quality suppliers, Mimaki, TRUMPF, Voxeljet and VisiConsult to provide the best technology on offer in the manufacturing sector.

True pioneers of the Advanced Manufacturing industry, SPEE3D CEO, Byron Kennedy, together with CTO, Steve Camilleri, created the world’s first metal-based 3D printer using supersonic 3D deposition – also known as SP3D; hence the company name – SPEE3D.

SPEE3D’s mission is to make manufacturing easier by improving three key elements of 3D metal printing – cost, speed and reliability.

Spee3d and Headland

Byron Kennedy (left) co-founder and CEO of Spee3d finalising the partnership with Richard Kloé (right) CEO of Headland

Their technology manufactures fast, low-cost, near net shape parts suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Ideally suited for producing parts currently designed for sand or die casting, the end applications include automotive, HVAC and industrial.


Headland Machinery CEO, Richard Kloe, is thrilled about the new partnership, which rounds off the Advanced Manufacturing division.

‘We are delighted to be partnering with Australian Manufacturer, SPEE3D, due to their superior technology and innovative outlook on the industry,’ said Mr Kloe.
‘Advanced Manufacturing technology is the way forward as the landscape of traditional manufacturing changes within the Industry 4.0 era.
‘Headland’s goal has always been to enable innovation and to provide our customers the highest quality technology solutions available, which is exactly what SPEE3D brings to the table. We’re delighted.’

3d metal printing machine

Spee3d is the world’s first machine to utilise 3D supersonic deposition

Available to comment: Richard Kloe, CEO and Joint Managing Director of Headland Machinery.

Enquiries: Samantha Kloe, Marketing Manager of Headland Machinery, 0419 910 263.

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