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In Stock: Timesavers Manual Grinding Machine for Sale

20 July

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Grinding Machine for Sale

In Stock: Grinding Machine for Sale – Timesavers 10-Series 1300MG

We currently have a Timesavers grinding and deburring machines for sale, in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

The 10 series, also named the Manual Grinder, is a cost effective alternative to conventional grinding and deburring.

The head of this manual grinding machine consists of a grinding wheel and a tiltable flap brush (180˚).

Benefits of the Manual Grinding and Deburring Machine

By the weight-bearing outsourced arm of the head can be easily moved over the work piece. With as result a uniformly rounded edge. Thanks to the anti slip mat small parts can be processed effortless.

Machine Specifications

  • Number of heads: 1.
  • Head type: disc/cup.
  • Work table: 1300 x 800 mm (960 mm working height).
  • 150 mm diameter abrasive disc.
  • 63.5mm maximum part thickness.

Price: $26,695.

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