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In Stock: Timesavers Manual Grinding Machine for Sale

20 July

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Grinding Machine for Sale

In Stock: Grinding Machine for Sale – Timesavers 10-Series 1300MG

We currently have two Timesavers grinding and deburring machines for sale, in stock and ready for immediate delivery – one in our Melbourne showroom and one in Sydney.

The 10 series, also named the Manual Grinder, is a cost effective alternative to conventional grinding and deburring.

The head of this manual grinding machine consists of a grinding wheel and a tiltable flap brush (180˚).

Benefits of the Manual Grinding and Deburring Machine

By the weight-bearing outsourced arm of the head can be easily moved over the work piece. With as result an uniformly rounded edge. Thanks to the anti slip mat small parts can be processed effortless.

Machine Specifications

  • Number of heads: 1.
  • Head type: disc/cup.
  • Work table: 1300 x 800 mm (960 mm working height).
  • 150 mm diameter abrasive disc.
  • 63.5mm maximum part thickness.

Price: $26,695.

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