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Government Manufacturing Grants Available Now

30 September

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Government manufacturing grants

Manufacturers, these are the current government manufacturing grants available.

Uncapped Instant Asset Write Off Scheme

  • From 6 October a temporary tax incentive is available for businesses with up to $5 billion in annual turnover.
  • These businesses can claim an immediate deduction of the full value of all new, eligible, depreciable assets of any value that are first used or installed before June 30, 2022.
  • This is effective immediately and will write off the full cost until June 30, 2022.
  • Businesses will also be able to claim full deductions for the cost of improvements made to existing depreciable assets. Assets include equipment, software (as long as not a development tool). If you acquired before the budget then you don’t qualify.
  • Businesses will also be able to claim full deductions for the cost of improvements made to existing depreciable assets.
  • Assets include equipment, software (as long as not a development tool).
  • There is also a loss carry back available.

$150,000 Instant Asset Write Off Scheme

  • Asset must be worth less than $150K
  • Asset must be purchased and used within the same year of claim.
  • No claim required as it’s submitted when you lodge your tax claim for the year.
  • Apply before 31 December 2020.
  • You must first use or install the asset before June 30, 2021.
  • Available for those with aggregated turnover of less than $500 million.
  • Available for all Australian manufacturers.

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Second-hand assets

  • SMEs with up to $50 million in annual revenue will be able to apply “full expensing/full deduction up-front” to all second-hand assets.
  • Businesses with between $50 million and $500 million in annual revenue will be able to claim a full deduction for  second-hand assets of up to $150,000 in value under the existing instant asset write-off scheme.
  • If purchased by December 31, 2020 and installed by 30 June 2021.

Stage Two of Modern Manufacturing Fund

  • Expected to be open in November 2020.
  • This is round two of this grant, available for up to 150 firms that align with the national manufacturing priorities, up-skill workers to invest in new technology to support Australia’s COVID-19 recovery.
  • Funding designed to scale-up, improve competitiveness, and build more resilient supply chains.
  • Large-scale grants of $100,000 to $1 million on a 3-to-1 funding basis to support transformative investments in technologies and processes.

Manufacturers need to prepare now as the funding window is usually only a one month window.

  • Business plans, policies, processes, project plans detailed with descriptions, co-funding with investors has to be sought out shortly.
  • William Buck can help with the application –

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Investment Grants for Packaging Recycle or Reuse

  • To help reduce the amount of packaging put into landfill.
  • Up to $50,000 matched funding.
  • You can invest in equipment such as a vertical storage machine to efficiently store your packaging materials, ready for recycling.
  • Must have fewer than 200 employees.
  • Available in WA and VIC.

Packaging Recycle

Support Sovereign Industrial Capability – Defence Projects

  • From 50,000 to 1 million, with funding capped at $3 million in a 3 year period per recipient.
  • Available for Australian businesses only.
  • Match the grant dollar for dollar.
  • The defence capability priorities are listed in this fact sheet.
  • Available for all Australian manufacturers.

Key projects include;

  • Collins Class submarine maintenance and technology upgrade
  • Continuous shipbuilding program (including rolling submarine acquisition)
  • Land combat vehicle and technology upgrade
  • Enhanced active and passive phased array radar capability
  • Combat clothing survivability and signature reduction technologies
  • Advanced signal processing capability in electronic warfare, cyber and information security, and signature management technologies and operations
  • Surveillance and intelligence data collection, analysis dissemination and complex systems integration
  • Test, evaluation, certification and systems assurance
  • Munitions and small arms research, design, development and manufacture
  • Aerospace platform deep maintenance

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Defence Industry Advisory Grant

Take advantage of the opportunities presented by the defence industry with this free advisory service.

  • Up to 10 days free.
  • Available for companies developing products or services for the defence industry.
  • Available for all Australian manufacturers.

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Join the Space Industry Supply Chain

If you’re looking to build products or services to support the domestic of international space industry supply chain, involved with the Moon to Mars activities then read on.

  • $250,000 up to $1 million to fund up to 75 per cent of eligible project expenditure.
  • Support NASA’s endeavour to go to the Moon and then Mars.
  • This industry involves sending satellites and spacecraft into space.
  • Using space to help us communicate, locate, and see the Earth in new ways.
  • Building and manufacturing robotics and sensors involving automation.
  • Advanced communication, quantum technology, rocket propulsion, space medicine and astronomy and more.
  • Available for all Australian manufacturers.

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Read about the CIVIL space strategy.

Manufacturing Hubs Grant

Helping regional manufacturing SMEs build their advanced manufacturing capability.

These hubs are located in Queensland and include;

  • Cairns – marine, aviation and food processing
  • Townsville – advanced metal production and food transformation
  • Rockhampton – rail manufacturing and technology, advanced metal production and food product innovation.
  • Available for QLD only.

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Funding for Manufacturers in the Collie region of WA

  • Matched funding of up to $2 Million.
  • Collie region of WA to develop new or expand existing industries
  • Includes manufacturing and agricultural businesses.
  • on for this region in WA.

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Manufacturing technology available to support you

Read about our range of technology, software and support services to help your innovate and support these domestic or international supply chains within defence, space or environmental initiatives.


$1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI)

  • (starts June / July 2021) – Video.
  • More information to come.