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GlobalMAX Waterjets from under $100K

19 August

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The GlobalMAX range from OMAX is a great way to enter the waterjet cutting industry, with starting investment from under $100K

“If you want to include a waterjet system into your shop, the GlobalMAX range is a great starting point. With an affordable starting price, your returns start sooner. Have a look at the range, we are here to advise on what system will suit your needs” Matt Weaver, Waterjet Solutions”.

  • This range is the budget level waterjet machine from OMAX.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of a an OMAX waterjet such as OMAX technology, direct drive pump as well as access to software upgrades for the life of your machine.
  • With Headland installation, service and support we have factory trained, full-time employed engineers on the ground and ready to support you over the phone or on the shop floor.
  • This machine runs windows 10, with many other waterjets on the market running windows 7.

The GlobalMAX range from OMAX includes the following configurations:

  • 1508 – with an x-Y cutting envelope of 800 mm x 1,525 mm
  • 1530 – with an x-Y cutting envelope of 3,050 mm x 1,530 mm
  • 2040 – with an x-Y cutting envelope of 4,038 mm x 2,032 mm

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