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Four Ways the KUKA flexibleCUBE will Automate Your Manufacturing

5 February

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Introducing the next innovation to come from Europe’s highly regarded KUKA Systems Group – the new KUKA flexibleCUBE is now available from Headland.

This German designed and built all-in-one product solution is the first standardised compact turnkey welding cell built by KUKA, ready to automate your manufacturing.

With prices starting from $137,000 including 350 amp welding equipment, the flexibleCUBE can be tailored with a variety of automation options available for your needs.

See the KUKA Systems flexibleCUBE in action, launched at AUSTECH 2013

The ideal partner for dynamic manufacturing environments

Since increased competition has become an issue more manufacturers are facing, KUKA has answered this age old problem by bringing us what we believe to be the best welding cell made in Germany.

1. Plug & Play. Simple

Automation is made easy with this all-in-one solution. If this is your first venture into automation, or you’re looking for an extension for your existing automation systems, the KUKA flexibleCUBE can be incorporated into your manufacturing process.

KUKA Systems contributes to the long term reliability of modern manufacturing through:

  • Fast integration (plug and play)
  • Intuitive control
  • Simple maintenance
  • Local support

2.  Safe for long term investment

Because the KUKA flexibleCUBE can be tailored for your needs, you are guaranteed with a long term investment thanks to its upgrade and expansion options.

3. Flexible for your competitive advantage

The versatile and modular design helps the user come up with simple solutions for specific automation tasks that react and evolve with changes in the environment for a long term competitive edge.

Custom features available:

  • Automatic torch cleaning
  • Automatic TCP check
  • Extraction Hood or full extraction
  • Tool tables

4. Quality craftsmanship from the one product family

The highest quality solution for the automation of welding, the KUKA flexibleCUBE components are all coordinated from the one KUKA family product range, guaranteeing long term quality and tried and tested arc welding standards.

Available now in five varieties, pre assembled and ready to use

Recommended for use in industries such as automotive component manufacturing, machine and steel construction applications and most general component welding, the KUKA flexibleCUBE is the one stop welding cell solution to match any automation requirements.

Download the product sheets here:

KUKA flexibleCUBE compact welding cell – C-DK 05 with DKP 400 tilt-turn positioner

KUKA flexibleCUBE compact welding cell – C-FT 05 with stationary table

KUKA flexibleCUBE compact welding cell – C-DP 05 with DP-250M rotary positioner

KUKA flexibleCUBE compact welding cell – C-DP05 with DP-250A rotary positioner

KUKA flexibleCUBE compact welding cell – C-DP05 with DP-100M rotary positioner

Want more information?

KUKA Systems Group is one of the world’s leading providers of engineering services and manufacturers of flexible automatic production systems.