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Customer Story: ABCOR / Preston General Engineering

14 June

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For over a decade, Headland and Preston General Engineering (PGE), a division of ABCOR, have been working together to automate and increase efficiencies in ABCOR’s production line.

The latest purchase by PGE was the STOPA system; an automated material storage system that stores raw sheetmetal, work in progress and finished products.

With the STOPA system and the laser cutting machines on the manufacturing cell, our customers can run the machine 24 x 7 with minimal human interaction.

Benefits of integrating the automated storage system into the manufacturing cell include:

  • Less material handling
  • Increased machine up time
  • Reduced material / finished goods storage space
  • Streamlined process flow
  • Optimised parts quality by minimised manual handling
  • Lower unit costs and improved profit margins

 About Preston General Engineering

ABCOR is the parent company to Preston General Engineering (PGE), focused on the assembly of metal, aluminium and stainless parts. Founded in 1971, Preston General Engineering has built a reputation for innovative processing, delivering quality products on time, and is the leader in everyday steel products.

Manufacturing to industries such as defence, automotive, mining, construction and aeronautics, PGE have the capability of creating a system with a less than 50 parts-per-million return rate. PGE’s ISO 9001 accreditations plus their amazing production speed confirms their unbeatable quality standard.

For more information about Preston General Engineering,  visit their website