Makino RAM EDM - Process 30% Faster

Experience High-technology Precision | Makino RAM EDM Machines

Access the largest line-up of high-technology advancements in one affordable system.

These machines provide superior speed, repeatability and precise surface finish of parts.

Ideal choice for micro-machining aerospace, medical, and telecommunication precision parts.

Unmatched level of repeatability in the sub-micron range.

Rugged construction and simple programming for many applications.

No project is too large or too little. Makino’s advanced RAM EDM technology provides excellent, precise, amazing surface finishing. Enjoy quicker processes. Lower your cost per part for more complicated, intricate geometries of dies or moulds.

Makino’s Powerful Sinker EDM

These are perfect for hardened conductive materials and intricate, complicated parts. Especially if they are hard to machine in other ways. Create excellent, accurate, small and deep characteristics again and again. A milling machine would not be able to do this.

EDM accelerates the spark erosion procedure with better flushing and discarding of debris. This is through an improvement in the Z-Axis cycle jump rate (four times faster). As well as a speed rate 30 times quicker than older technology.  Adaptive jump flushing improvements and a higher-powered, digital ES200A generator ensures quicker machining. This includes reduced electrode wear and tear.

You won’t need as many electrodes and will experience a quicker cycle time with less costs. More exact surface finishing removes the necessity for manual hand polishing.

Exclusive to Makino is the Hyper-i control technology. Your large, smart high definition touchscreen control. Easy to operate. Efficient. Minimal training necessary. Use it for all Sinker EDM, Wire EDM, EDM drilling, etc.

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