Geminis GR7 - Wheel Set Machining

Geminis GR7-S Wheel Set Machining

If you’re a manufacturer that services the rail industry the Geminis technology is ideal for your application. This horizontal lathe offers high power cutting for wheel sets, including axles and loose wheels. With a large scope in terms of wheel sizes and weights, you’ll have every application covered within the one machine.  Geminis have been supporting and supplying the rail industry with their highly technical machines that have been applied within the rail sector around the world, for over 60 years.

Machine Technical Specifications: High degree of flexibility

Max. Wheel tread diameter: 840 1,250mm

Track gauge: 1,435mm

Max. wheelset weight: 5,000Kg 8,000Kg

Max. Axle length:  3,000 – 4,000mm

Main motor power:  kW 30/51* 51/71*

Machine Technical Specifications: Size of the machine 

Machine dimensions: 3,600 x 3,000 x 8,900 mm  4,610 x 3,300 x 9,300 mm

Machine weight: 18,500 kg  25,000 kg

Machine Technical Specifications: Quality output

Radial run out: <0’10mm

Accuracy of profile:  <0’15mm

Difference in diameters between wheels: <0’10mm

Roughness of surface: <0’012mm

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