Nakamura-Tome JX-200 - ATC Multitasking Machine with World’s Shortest Tool Spindle

Nakamura-Tome JX-200

The JX-200 is an ATC multitasking machine equipped with the world’s shortest tool spindle “NT Smart Cube”.

The compact tool spindle enables a wider range of workpiece applications such as boring and drilling to the workpiece end face. The existence of a lower turret makes possible to shorten the cycle time by simultaneous machining with the upper and lower tools. It also enables to support a workpiece with a turret center-support. Those flexible machining methods help to expand a range of applications.

Stylish appearance with a LED light strip and body design characterised by a smooth form with beautiful curves symbolise not only the reinforcement of functions but also the evolution in all aspects of the new machine.

World’s Shortest Tool-Spindle

Equipped the World’s Shortest Tool-Spindle “NT Smart Cube”

Distance between spindles 1,250mm

Thanks to a heavy-ducy column structure, the stability is increased.

Stable and High Rigidity
ATC Multitasking Machine

Thanks to the compact tool spindle “NT Smart Cube”, a wider machining area is ensured.

By using the lower turret, it is applicable to simultaneous machining with upper/lower tools on L/R spindles as well as machining along with a turret center support.

ATC Multitasking Machine with Lower Turret

Number of tools for ATC magazine 80 pcs (op. 40, 120)

Faster cycle times thanks to simultaneous machining with upper and lower tools on L/R opposed twin-spindles.

Milling and Y-axis are standard for the lower turret.

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