Makino a81nx - Hard Metal Cutting Perfection

Excellent indexing accuracy and reliability | Makino a81nx

This machine is suitable for a wide range of potential applications. Enjoy proven, high-quality technologies such as single piece X & Z axis way covers. Two new spindle designs provide serious productivity rates in cutting and non-cutting performance. Duty rated power levels have increased 25% over the previous model. Experience energy-saving functions of the hard metal cutting tools. The a81nx has more easy-to-use operability and a higher degree of automation. It also includes a new and improved chip disposal system.

Enhanced rigidity and machining capability

Improved utilisation of machining area

Excellent indexing accuracy

A broad range of applications

Reduced cycle times

Increased productivity 

Lower power consumption

This 630mm horizontal machining center has new design features.

The a81nx increases part size abilities through advanced table and column castings. There’s also an extra 100mm of Y-axis stroke creating 12.5% more work envelope. Sturdy 3-roller designed B-axis table bearings provide stable cutting through the work area. Big parts often mean big features as well.  Experience the improvements in tool length, diameter and weight capacities in the a81nx. This will assist with big face mills, boring bars and line bar use.

Two new spindle systems increase productivity and cutting and non-cutting results.

The 8,000 RPM high torque spindle is an optional extra. This improves uninterrupted power levels by 19% over the previous model. With 50 HP of uninterrupted power, this high torque spindle is perfect for heavy roughing of iron castings and hard metal aerospace use.  The 8,000 RPM and 10,000 RPM spindles boost acceleration and deceleration which decreases rigid tapping times by up to 30%.

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