Makino 5-axis Horizontal Machining Center - Ultimate Productivity

Ultimate Productivity With the Makino 5-axis Horizontal Machining Center

Makino’s 5-axis horizontal machining center reduces your part cycle times. This machine has ultra-high accuracy rotary axes and superior motion-control systems. Your Makino ensures a great return on investment. This is the ideal machine for larger aerospace parts, however, you do have the flexibility to machine a wide variety of parts and materials on a single machine.

Superior features of the T1

Active dampening eliminates cutting vibrations. The box way castings with their robust design ensure high rigidity and flexible stiffness.
The 155-degree tilting A-axis and deep chest column provide full five-sided machining capability for parts up to 1,500 mm in diameter. And the 12,000-rpm spindle ensures it can cut titanium, aluminium and a range of materials from stainless steel to Inconel®.


The Ultimate Level of Productivity, Accuracy, and Automation

World-class efficiency in contoured parts

Unprecedented levels of productivity and accuracy in the most complex full 5-axis machining applications

World-class efficiency in contoured parts

Ultra-high-accuracy rotary axes and superior motion-control systems

Eliminate compound errors and maximize accuracy while improving speed and productivity reducing part cycle times

Configurable for automated manufacturing

5-axis horizontal machining centers are integrated into an automated system

Manufacturers can expect spindle utilization rates of up to 95%, and fully unattended operation over nights and weekends

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